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We are delighted to announce the launch of ConnectSkies

ConnectSkies, a new sustainable sales agency formed to help future aircraft owners, corporations, governments and investors make informed decisions on aircraft acquisitions – rating them on their green credentials, launches today.  It is the creation of Gabriella Somerville, founder and CEO of private aircraft charter and aircraft sales specialist, ConnectJets.

ConnectSkies will also work with fleet operators as they bring game-changing new programmes to market and support next gen aircraft manufacturers as they prepare for this paradigm change.

“The Coronavirus pandemic is expanding private aviation’s clientele and newcomers are turning to business aviation.  They will be looking to make mindful choices from an environmental perspective as part of a wider sustainability agenda.”

“Focusing on environmental performance, versus typical key sales factors like speed and range, our team will be an independent conduit between prospective client and OEM or pre-owned aircraft brokerage,” said Gabriella, who has been working hard on this agency model since the first lockdown in March.

“We have built up an extensive network of HNWIs over two decades in business aviation charter and sales.  Many have become increasingly environmentally conscious and are determined to prioritise sustainability in any future decisions on aircraft ownership, fractional or charter programmes.”

“We believe the time is now for the traditional aircraft sales model to adapt to new priorities and to reset the industry sales agenda.   Environmental performance is fast positioning to be high on the list in future decision-making for large corporations and industry.  This was the catalyst for ConnectSkies,” she adds.

ConnectSkies is looking forward to sharing news in the New Year regarding the creation of the first sustainable centre of excellence in London.  It is also currently in discussion with Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s education team on ways to establish interaction and engagement on important issues around environmental change.

Aviation has a window of opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to the environment and become the friend, not foe to the next generation of environmentally conscious individuals.  “We can’t wait to play a part in helping make London one of the leading cities to embrace urban mobility and sustainability,” added Gabriella.

New website

Through its newly launched website ConnectSkies will provide regular information and intelligence on the world’s current and emerging sustainable aviation brands, service providers, products and biofuels

Showcasing Vertical Partners

It is showcasing two virtual ‘showrooms’ on its website. The first profiles current fuel-efficient models such as the King Air 360i and Piaggio Avanti EVO. The second will spotlight future programmes – e-VTOLs, electric / hybrid propulsion and other variant programmes

It will run an interactive website highlighting aircraft and next gen / eVTOL solutions.  In addition to sponsored product opportunities for the OEMs, supported by social media channels and its exclusive The Wire e-zine, its complementary ConnectSkies TV Room will present a platform to new sustainability champions

Welcoming ConnectSkies launch is prolific industry proponent Brian Humphries, Board member of BBGA and former President of EBAA.

“While representing 7% of IFR traffic, but less than 2% of aviation emissions in Europe, business aviation has been committed to improving and delivering on its environmental performance for more than a decade.   The sector has led the way in initiatives such as introducing alternative sustainable aviation fuels and developing increasingly fuel-efficient aircraft. I am therefore delighted that Gabriella has used the lockdown to research, shape and now launch a new, independent agency, ConnectSkies.  

I am certain this will evolve to become a useful source for environmentally conscious aircraft users and owners who want to make responsible choices and play their part in slowing climate change. Appraising aircraft and their operating practices by their green credentials is a great new and innovative approach, which will help us all reduce the impact of business aviation on the environment.”

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