Will travel emerge greener from the pandemic?

Dear Business Associates

We hope you are doing well and you are getting back to some normality.

We’d like to share with you our write up from ‘Will travel emerge from the pandemic greener?’ which was the question posed to the BTA members on 17th July. We discussed some findings from the last few months and did some polling as well as Q&A with the 50 Travel Management Companies that joined, all looking for solutions in travel and who have noticed the change in their customer’s wants in the last few months: there is much more want for sustainable solutions and sustainable travel policies. You can read our sum up here.

We offer to present our research and case studies to your teams online. We’d be happy to talk through the work we’ve done in the last few months and about the build-back-better work on its way. Please reply to this email or sign up directly on this link and support our mission online. A few stats on how many FGA has presented to since February:

  • 150 – London – in person
  • 47 – Switzerland – in person and online
  • 50  – Netherlands – online
  • 4 – Belgium – online
  • 27 – key aviation stakeholders inc. European Commission
  • 50 – UK – online
  • 1 – California – online
  • 6 – Chief Sustainability Officers
  • Applied for 3 grant programmes and soon to be 6

We also are lucky to have Beáta Kušová joining our team to offer CORSIA training and consultancy for our airline partners, as the aviation industry moves towards the mandatory submitting of carbon figures. You can find a write up on CORSIA on our site and what it means for the industry. We are happy that we can expand our services to support the airlines with this technical work as well as offer corporates sustainable travel solutions through FGA Travel Smart with new ways to become carbon neutral.

We are also pleased to have been invited to be part of the European Business Aviation Association’s (EBAA) sustainability working group called The S.T.A.R.S Mission. This group will work to increase the sustainability commitments and standards in the private jets and business aviation sector.

We’ve been working hard to get our message out and we are now seeing some movement. We’re aware that what we are doing involves behaviour change but we see there is no better time as things are not business as usual right now. The energy transition is only just starting. We would love for you to all get involved with this big challenge we have set ourselves.