RAeS plans Urban Air Mobility Conference on 22-23 October

The 2020’s heralds a new and exciting era in aviation with the adoption of autonomous system technologies, AI, digital systems, new propulsion systems, new materials, and new business operating models. None more so, than in the potential of Urban Air Mobility.

These innovations bring with them several of challenges, notably as new players in this sector are typically start-ups with little aviation background but bring with them new skills from other sectors.

This years’ RAeS Urban Air Mobility conference explores the challenges and opportunities that Urban Air Mobility brings, in the context of the fast-evolving ecosystem of multi-modal transport, intelligent mobility and the ‘door to door’ journeys of people and freight.

Given the Society’s body of knowledge, our role now includes the need to answer the hard questions of the future; why, when, how much, is it safe?

In particular, the conference addresses: UAM Market and Demand; Technologies; Infrastructure – physical and digital; Transport System Integration; Operations; Business Cases and Operating models; Regulation; and Safety, Certification, Security & Testing.

Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with innovators, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs, regulators and investors.

See the full programme here

Keynote Speaker – Robbie Bourke, Vice President, Oliver Wyman

Also already confirmed to speak:

Frederic Laugere, Innovation Services Lead, UK CAA
Yann Cambier, Senior Manager – Aviation & Aerospace Consulting, ICF
Thomas Wilson, Head of Drone Partnerships Manager, Flock Cover
Mark Westwood, Chief Technology Officer, Connected Systems Catapult
Mariya Tarabanovska, Co-Founder, Flight Crowd

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