Price Systems Joins Access Skyways to integrate Advanced Air Mobility Transportation

PRICE® Systems, the leader in cost estimation technology and research since 1975, announced today that it has joined Access Skyways, a group of partner companies providing expertise to support the integration of future transport for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) worldwide.

Access Skyways helps organizations navigate the complexity of introducing a new system of transit or vertiports to air operations. It will address key factors along the AAM ecosystem with fact-based data and analytics, such as infrastructure design, supply and demand cost analysis, flight operations, electrification, existing airports and heliports, and maintenance and repair.

Access Skyways was formed by Jaunt Air Mobility, a designer and manufacturer of piloted and autonomous Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft for urban and regional mobility. Jaunt is a named partner with the transformative aerial rideshare company, Uber Elevate, and will provide eVTOL aircraft for those flight operations.

Since the concept of air taxis and AAM began, PRICE® Systems has been an integral part of uniting the air vehicle innovators and AAM service providers, providing model-based cost engineering technology and consulting to predict total lifecycle costs (PRICE Cost Analytics™) – down to the electric components and transportation infrastructure.

PS&S Integrated Services, an architectural and engineering services firm, has also joined Access Skyway. PS&S has vertiport design experience and is engaged in industry discussions to deploy AAM.

“The future of flight is real and we are excited to bring our aeronautics cost estimating experience to the table and join a strong group of companies whose paths have crossed before,” explains Anthony DeMarco, CEO at PRICE® Systems.

Nate Sirirojvisuth, PhD, Sr. Cost Research Analyst at PRICE® Systems adds, “We have great eVTOL technology, but we need to optimize it for the market, not just performance.” Sirirojvisuth recently published a market study on eVTOL taxi services in cooperation with Jaunt and Georgia Tech that was presented at the Vertical Flight Society Forum.

Learn more about PRICE Cost Analytics™ for eVTOL/AAM.