Purveyors of Sustainable Aircraft

ConnectSkies is the business aviation industry’s first independent sustainable aircraft sales, marketing and logistics platform.

With sustainability heading the agenda for the aviation industry and the world, ConnectSkies will deliver a range of options in all categories of air travel for environmentally conscious clients allowing corporations and operators the ability to make travel choices in line with their corporate responsibility.

Fleet Specialist

The ConnectSkies team brings a combined 35 years’ experience in business aircraft transacting coupled with a passion for a cleaner environment and a desire to enable our clients locate, negotiate, and purchase the most fuel-efficient aircraft on the market today and be the first to know about the net zero fleets of tomorrow. ConnectSkies specialises in transforming corporate aircraft fleets into the most fuel efficient and technologically advanced fleets in the industry.

Sales and Marketing Suite

As we enter a new age within aviation, ConnectSkies’ integrated approach to sales and marketing supports new fleet operators entering into the business/ commercial aviation arena. With a targeted approach and strategic alignment to our client’s DNA, we employ a multi-disciplinary team to market and sell your programme or aircraft.

ConnectSkies also works with fleet operators, serving as their sales and marketing representative as they start integrating game-changing new programmes to market.

Pre-owned and New Aircraft Sales

Purchasing an aircraft can be a complicated process, especially when looking for the most fuel efficient, environmentally friendly aircraft. ConnectSkies ensure this journey is as seamless as possible, from the initial specifications to final acceptance, our experienced team assesses which option most suits our client’s requirement, from jet ownership, fractional ownership, commitment to a single operator, leasing or sharing flights with others, we listen to client’s needs and work with them to make the best choice for them and their business.


The ConnectSkies team takes care of client’s charter requirements through our sister Company, ConnectJets. Clients are provided with options, presenting the most sustainable aircraft currently on market. We advise which airports provide SAF (sustainable aircraft fuel) and alternative transport ensuring our clients travel sustainably throughout their journey and thereby reduce their carbon footprint.