ConnectJets is supporting the business jet industry’s response to COVID-19

ConnectJets is proud to be working with FBO’s and manufacturers of new COVID-19 rapid testing equipment to help spearhead the roll out of safe COVID-19 testing, provide fast and accurate results and enhance passenger safety. In this issue we feature the IR37 Thermal Camera:


The iR37 Infrared Thermal Camera offers many features; most importantly a temperature detection check with automated voice recorded message to grant or deny access.

Facial recognition software offers automated register for staff which can be linked to internal HR systems and can be supplied on a desktop stand or floor mounted stand.

The iPad style device is built with unrivalled German engineering and reliable technology with camera tools from Taiwan. It is unbranded and does not contain any Huawei chips and conforms to NDAA (National Defence Authorization Act-USA)

Tried an tested in numerous industries, faciities and venues this device is offering reassurance and the confidence in returning to the workplace for staff, customers and suppliers.

A high temperature is just one of the symtoms of Covid-19 and other safety measures should be adopted alongside but this is an impressive first line of defence.

The iR37 non-contact camera is not a medical device but will measure, detect and give accurate readings and is much more user friendly and professional than holding a hand held gun to your passenger’s heads.

For further information on the IR37 Thermal Camera, please Click Here

iR37 MainMenu With Title from Corbett Creative on Vimeo.