Airflow eSTOL to use VerdeGo Aero hybrid-electric powertrain


Airflow, an aerial logistics company building next-generation aircraft and services, has partnered with VerdeGo Aero, an aerospace electric powertrain technology company. They are teaming up to explore using the VerdeGo Aero hybrid-electric powertrain system in the Airflow eSTOL (electric Short Takeoff and Landing) aircraft.

VerdeGo Aero’s diesel (Jet-A) hybrid system combines a 180KW generator with a high-power battery pack that reduces emissions and fuel burn by 35% compared to conventional turbine powertrains. Integrating VerdeGo’s hybrid-electric powertrain to the eSTOL platform enhances the aircraft’s mission capabilities by extending range to four to ten times that of a battery-electric system.

This partnership shows the advancement of electric propulsion systems for aircraft that will provide long-range capability, reduce turnaround time on the ground, and enable multiple back-to-back missions before refueling or recharging. Airflow’s eSTOL platform will be one of the first electric aircraft designed for aerial logistics, providing a higher payload at a lower cost than eVTOL cargo aircraft.

“Our ability to rapidly move cargo from a warehouse directly to another warehouse helps e-commerce companies centralize inventory and reduce carrying costs. These capabilities are made possible by continued strategic partnerships like VerdeGo Aero,” stated Marc Ausman, Airflow CEO. “VerdeGo Aero is excited to be applying its hybrid-electric powertrain systems for the Airflow eSTOL aircraft. VerdeGo’s hybrid powertrain will enable the Airflow eSTOL to play a significant role in cargo and logistics missions around the world.” – Eric Bartsch, CEO & Co-founder VerdeGo Aero

About Airflow
Airflow was founded in 2019 by five former Airbus Vahana team members to bring eSTOL capabilities to the middle-mile logistics market. The team is passionate about expanding the benefits of aviation and has deep experience in aerospace and technology development. The founding team’s background includes companies like Airbus, Eclipse Aviation, Northrop Grumman, Uber Elevate, Airware, and Scaled Composites. The Airflow eSTOL aircraft is expected to go into production in 2025.

About VerdeGo Aero
VerdeGo Aero, founded in 2017, is a leader in propulsion technologies for the next generation of aircraft. VerdeGo Aero’s diesel (Jet-A) hybrid systems offer the lowest operating cost and largest mission flexibility for next-generation electric aircraft. Efficiently utilizing globally available Jet-A fuel means no new infrastructure is necessary, and aircraft utilizing VerdeGo’s hybrid systems are ready for the biofuel Jet-A substitutes now under development.